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I’ve just had my first Brasilian Epic! I offered to help Valdir, (who was doing some electrical work at Serra Verde) to get an old fridge and a cooker to his house. I duly borrowed a dodgy trailer and roped on the appliances – after all as Valdir said it was only 20 minutes away.

An hour later we were still heading deeper into the jungle and up a mountain on ever smaller and ever worse tracks…then the torrential rains came.

I found my car being dragged back down the hillside by the weight of the trailer, with a large drop on one side. I had to jacknife the trailer to stop, then unhitch and unload the trailer before rolling it back down the hill. I could then reverse my car down a track that now resembled a river.

My 20 minute favour returned me home 4 hours later soaked to the skin!!!