It was somewhat of a relief to finally arrive in Brasil after so much getting ready for the move – for an eon it seemed that all we did was say goodbye, try and pack our lives into 2 suitcases each or do something for the last time!

Grey and cold Heathrow gave way to blue skies and a very hot Curitiba and our adventures had truly begun!

After endless Brasilian central beaurocracy we finally escaped to Morretes and Serra Verde. We were last here in June 2016, which didn’t seem too long ago but in that time the forest had taken a heavy toll. The fences were rotten, cupim (ferocious wood eating insects) had taken hold in the house, trees were pushing walls in and the roof was leaking in multiple places to name but a few of the headaches we encountered.


We are currently well underway carrying out repairs and hope to be able to start on the main project by January!